Specialty grades of Kynar® PVDF architectural coating resins

Kynar® PVDF resins come in a variety of specialty grades for specific coating applications. Learn more about Kynar 500 PC®, Kynar ADS® II and Kynar SL® II resins.

Kynar 500 PC®

Kynar 500 PC® is a powder coating electrostatically applied after initial chemical treatment to ensure proper adhesion to a variety of substrates including metal and plastic. Kynar 500 PC® is used for a variety of commercial and residential applications.

Kynar ADS® II

Kynar ADS® II formulations can be air dried or force dried for a long-lasting high quality coating. Kynar ADS® II is commonly used for heat sensitive materials, including wood, plastic, paper, cloth and metal substrates.

Kynar SL® II

Kynar SL® II resin’s lower melting point and broader formulation capability make it ideal for use as coatings for metals, glass, synthetic fabrics, as well as heat-sensitive substrates exemplified by paper, hardboard, overlaid plywood and regular plywood.