Kynar 500® frequently asked questions

Review a listing of frequently asked questions about the Kynar 500® product range.

What is Kynar 500®?

The Kynar 500® FSF® coatings binder is a key component of a coating formulation and gives metal coating finishes unsurpassed longevity and durability. Since 1965, Kynar 500® resin based finishes have been used as a protective coating on metal architectural building products around the world and is still performing strong today. Kynar 500® based finishes are factory applied (typically coil or spray coating) on metal substrates (typically aluminum, galvanized steel and aluminized steel) and are baked in ovens at elevated temperatures (approx. 400 °F).

Does the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) have any published specifications for organic coatings on architectural extrusions and panels for curtain wall construction?

Architectural extrusions, roofing products, and curtain wall panels coated with Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based metal finishes surpass the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) publication 2605 (Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for High Performance Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels). AAMA 2605 is the highest standard available for organic coatings on architectural metals.

Are other Kynar® resins used in applications other than metal coatings?

Yes. There are also engineering plastics that are widely used in high-performance areas such as chemical fluid handling systems, electrical and computer wire, plenum cable, insulators, cathodic protectors, piezoelectric and pyroelectric film, cable jacketing for aircraft wire and cables, porous pen tips, seals and gaskets, linings for tanks that handle corrosive chemicals, films and filter cloths.

I understand that Kynar 500® is marketed under a license program to several licensees and marketed under their own trade names. Is this true; and who and what are they?

Product consistency, quality and availability are managed on a worldwide basis through a rigorous licensing program. A license is granted only to quality coating companies and only after a rigorous testing program is completed. This program encompasses both outdoor exposure testing and extensive laboratory testing. The license grants the licensee the right to identify their products formulated from Kynar 500® PVDF resins with the Kynar 500® trademark.  Licensees must use nothing less than 70% Kynar 500® PVDF resin. This minimum establishes the base level of performance for licensed Kynar 500® resin-based coatings that the industry has come to expect and requires.  Each licensee normally identifies Kynar 500® resin based finishes under their own trade names.

A current listing of Kynar 500® Licensees is maintained here.

How do I obtain color charts, actual color samples?

Color cards and physical samples can be obtained by visiting our licensee’s websites to request that information directly from them, since they produce the final coating product using our Arkema’s Kynar 500® resin. When filling out information on their websites, it is important that you specifically mention that you are interested in Kynar 500® FSF® metal-based finishes samples, etc. Click here for more information.  

If my Kynar 500® finish is scratched or damaged, can I touch it up with a coating from a local paint store?

Touch up paint is available through our licensees. If you know the color and which coating manufacturer provided the coating to the metal fabricator, you can reach out to them directly on their website to request a touch up sample.  Do not go to the local paint store and try to color match the coated metal with an acrylic or other coating chemistry. Anything other than a Kynar 500® based finish will change color, chalk and fade and after a few years will not match the original metal.

Is 70% PVDF the same as a Kynar 500® finish system?

Not exactly, when the first license was signed in 1965 a minimum content of 70% was required to ensure that formulators did not dilute the long term performance of the coating system. Some coating manufacturers offer generic 70% PVDF coatings and claim that they are the same as a Kynar 500® finish system, but this is not true.

By specifically requesting and specifying a Kynar 500® finish system this ensures that you are getting the long term performance intended to last the life of architectural structures. Kynar 500® PVDF is only manufactured by Arkema Inc. and our licensing program ensures the long term performance that is most often specified by architects worldwide. In addition, the applicator certification process used by our licensees helps to ensure that the ultimate longevity and performance of the coating is achieved.