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Kynar 500® architectural coatings - A 50 year legacy

Kynar 500® resin-based coatings, the original high-performance PVDF resin finish, have been the choice of formulators around the globe, helping to protect industrial, commercial and residential exteriors for half a century and counting.

ECS 2015 Awards

Spectrum Industries and PPG Industries were awarded at the 2015 European Coatings Show.

Congrats to two of our great licensees, PPG Industries and Spectrum Industries, who were awarded for Most Iconic Building (La Grande Arche, Paris) and Biggest Project (Vision Tower, Dubai) respectively.

Don’t risk a substitute

Many modern buildings are designed to provide protection from mother nature and to keep other elements, such as mold and pollutants at bay. Kynar 500® FSF® resins provide excellent dirt shedding, extreme weatherability and outstanding gloss and color retention. Architects, builders and formulators around the world know the original high-performance finish for architectural metal, Kynar 500® resins, provides a finish to last.

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Check back each month for a new featured structure that, with the help of Kynar 500® architectural coatings, has stood the test of time.

Kynar 500® case study - Bandon Dunes Golf Course

Kynar 500® licensees

PPG Industries, Inc. has helped shape the architectural landscape for the last 50 years, partnering with Kynar 500® PVDF resins since 1965. For five decades, PPG’s line of DURANAR® extrusion and coil coatings has delivered top-of-the-line performance for storefronts, curtainwalls, windows and louvers and more.

DURANAR is a registered trademark of PPG Industries, Inc.

Sustainability and innovation

Kynar 500® PVDF coating's extraordinary ability to retain gloss and color keeps painted metal exteriors looking vibrant. Its versatile endurance supports even large rugged exteriors, giving way to any aesthetic possibility. This fluoropolymer resin provides a durable finish that is dynamic, stimulating, and can stand up to the elements of nature.


Descendant of Kynar 500®, Kynar Aquatec® coatings provides the same long-lasting durability and captivating performance. Kynar Aquatec® offers latex coatings that are easily applied to textiles, metals, elastomers, and PVC. Its cool roofing properties decrease energy usage and keep roofs significantly cooler in any weather conditions.

Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia was coated with Kynar 500 architectural coatings.